Celebrity News: Learjet that killed Jenni Rivera and crew linked to ex-con

Although, this Learjet had a history of running off the runway in Texas back in 2005, the mother of the 20-year-old co-pilot allegedly claims the plane was in perfect condition.   This 43 year old plane was not in perfect condition, in our opinion, because it was made back in 1969 and no type of vehicle, whether flying in the air or driving on the ground has no problems when it is that old.   

The owner of the plane is allegedly linked to a company that lied on their insurance policy about maintenance records, according to CNN.comTherefore, this proves the plane was not in good condition doesn't it?  

We feel very bad Jenni Rivera did not ride or possibly own in her own plane, not blaming her for her own death, but every celebrity should own invest in their own plane, because these companies cannot be trusted.   However, we have faith along with her family that she is still alive, because we believe in a supernatural God, regardless of Jenni being a secular entertainer.  The reason why we admire her family's faith that she is still alive, is because usually the average family of a dead celebrity does not have faith for them to raise up, they just accept death without realizing God can do the impossible.   We have been waiting for this type of faith among families of possibly dead celebrities for a very longtime.  Like in the case of Whitney Houston, we believe should could have been raised from the dead, simply because we believe in supernatural miracles.  Therefore, we know He is a fair and just God and if we have faith for a soul to return, He can make that possible, like in other real life stories we have previously heard about (go hear actual testimonies of people who died and came back to life on our SCR videos page).

If Jenni Rivera is dead, may she rest in peace and our prayers are with her family.

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Owner of plane carrying Jenni Rivera linked to troubled businessman

By Mariano Castillo and Rafael Romo, CNN
(CNN) -- Two civil lawsuits against the company that owns the private jet that crashed Sunday in northern Mexico -- presumably killing music star Jenni Rivera accuse the firm of lying about its links to a businessman convicted of falsifying maintenance records.

Insurance firms QBE and Commerce & Industry Insurance Company filed suits this year seeking to rescind its contracts with aviation company Starwood Management...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: CNN.com

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